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 ''Croatian safari hunters Association''

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''After my  50  African hunts... there isn't a place in Africa  which has a  better scenario than Namibia and land  which offers  safari so safe, simple and successful'' (Craig Boddington)

"Your hunt is not over when you arrive home. You can actually say that it is over when trophys arrive, when they set up in hunting room" (T.S.Arinho)



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As my hunting friends  and I established   ''The association of the Croatian safari hunters''   this  became our official webpage in which we shall present our results and work on  gathering  lovers of hunt in Africa.  We also unselfishly , for those that shall join us, offer all our experience and  references which we gathered through years  so that there won't occur any mistakes. 

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With this web site  (which exists in Croatia from 2002. ) we want  to share a part of our memories and possibly cosul about details which are needed  for a hunt like this to be successful. The idea of creating this association is lasting alredy some time and at last   1. of august an founding  assembly was held.  Our primary tasks are promotion of hunt in Africa,cooperating with other similar organisations, organising corporate hunts...

We started our trips through Africa in Namibia 1995. where  was plenty of pleasure and exciting  hunts. We chose Namibia and South-African Republic because that are safe political and economical destinations. Trophies are delivered in a period of 3-5 months. In those lands logistic  is brought to perfection from  by forwadin agents  and federal institutions which are monitorin and doing everything  associated with hunt and trophy delivery. From  them you will return satisfied. A good part of hunts  in unsafe countries end insuccessfully and often hunters return unsatisfied  and disappointed. As longterm cooperation is important  for a satisfied hunter so is a relationship we built with farmers and safari owners  which guarantees  excellent service and quality of trophies.

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21 years in Africa, 48 trips there, 1440 trophys taken (54 big cats) + 35 trips all around world

Often trophies of hunters who are eager to acquire hunting experiences bring such sad memories home that is under every possible criterion. Often that  are too young trophies, sanitary hunting, scrap, which is charged at great prices. It is sad to watch the hunters who have invested so much effort and even money manipulated by suspicious and ignorant agencies seeking profits and earnings. Hunters are promised cheetahs and on even a few departures do not even see let alone anything else.

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Less risky to go on your own, find someone on the internet and study recommendations which in the domestic agencies is not possible.The majority of hunts in Africa are perfect, unforgettable, with wonderful memories, and often the hunters are very  satisfied.I hunted with the Croatian hunters, spent in the African hunting  for nearly a year, met with fantastic people,and had hunts, which are impossible to describe, simply must be experienced. I lived to be  the Secretary of the association.

In the sections that follow, you can reach all the interesting details related to hunting in Africa, so enjoy what was built in 17 years.
Take care about your skills and abilities, desires are very important to be on this basis so you  could choose  the moment and hunting and model  with you will be satisfied.
Africa is an infection, and really worth it ... "who once smelled the African bush always returns."

So, with 44 trips to Africa and  not small experience exclusively in the domain of hunting all around World, we will gladly invite and receive the hunters who want the extraordinary African hunting trophies, and the acquisition of extraordinary memories.


Opening Central Asia, maral and ibex hunting - continue where was 2012, package 14 days (Maral, ibex, roe deer) all incl. 10.850 € :

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I wish you good fortune, steady hand and dry powder...
Secretary, Divo Curlica. ing

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